Hi. I'm Erica, the curly hair behind Thinking Outside the Dresser.

Lets get to know each other. Here are 10 things should know about me:

1. I am very silly and can find humor in almost anything.
2. I like a little sarcasm in my life, not too much though.
3. I cannot spell. I am terrible at spelling and I try to SpellCheck everything so if you see an error, I'm sorry.
4. I am nerdy, I love the History Channel, Dicovery Channel and Animal Planet.
5. My favorite holiday is Halloween.
6. I have a large Sock Monkey collection that started when I was 9 with a one my mom made for me. My collection grew dramatically from my 4 amazing Aunts finding the coolest sock creatures.
7. I am from Royal Oak MI but I went to the University of Wyoming.
8. I love OPI products and I hate having naked nails.
9. I love watching the weather and planning my outfits accordingly.
10. I started this blog because I wanted to show off my great outfit ideas.

I like trendy but wearable items and outlandish nail art. I write how I think and what I feel. Love it or hate it, you choose.