Thursday, April 30, 2015

Oversized = A Perfect Fit

Last week at the store we got our new early summer arrivals and this amazing oversized jean jacket was one of the new arrivals! I have never had a jean jacket that fits this perfect! It is just perfect in the arms and body so I can wear anything underneath it and it looks amazing! Thank you Madewell for making the most perfect anywhere, anytime light jacket.

Tee: Madewell
Jacket: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Madewell
Necklace: Madewell
Bracelet: Madewell
Ring: Madewell
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Je t'aime Spring

There are a few things I love about spring.
1. It's the second most beautiful season.
2. Daffodils and Tulips are beautiful.
3. I can finally wear short sleeve shirts and not freeze.
4. Yellow finches and the beautiful Orioles are starting to come by the feeders more frequently.
5. Bright colored nail polish!

Top: Madewell
Vest: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell (similar)
Boots: Madewell
Necklace: Madewell

Monday, April 27, 2015

Long Time / No See

Heeeellllllooooo Everyone!
Glad to be back on the interweb sharing my latest outfits!
Sorry I was gone for so long but my vacation away from blog responsibility was over extended and completely not planned. I have no good reason for why I stopped posting outfit posts. I just kind of got out of the habit of taking pictures after work everyday. Now I am back in the routine of dressing nicely and taking pictures. Hopefully I won't disappoint you with my outfits!

Tee: Madewell
Sweater: Madewell
Pants: Madewell
Necklace: Madewell
Bracelet Madewell
Shoes: Vans