Monday, January 5, 2015

Carpe Denim

Let me tell ya something, I used to hate jeans. Keep in mind I'm talking about jeans back in 2008 before the whole skinny jean, legging jean trend really took off. This is back in the day when finding a great pair of jeans that had the skinny fit were super expensive. I hated how the "affordable" leggings jeans fit; they were too tight in waist, I hated the fit in the thighs and calves, and they were just not stretchy enough. Because of these reasons I was one of those college students that thought I could wear leggings as pants, I was wrong. So my college years go by and the skinny/legging jean trend is going strong so finally other companies have caught on. Once I graduated, I decided I needed a more mature jean that actually fit well. Since I was also looking for a job I found Madewell. My new job and my new favorite jean was one stop shop. I love this store and the style. If you haven't noticed already I have a lot of Madewell items so please check out one of my numerous links to the store or head into your local store today to try this amazing, stretchy, comfortable jeans that also do great things to the rear view.

Top: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell
Scarf: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell
Necklace: Madewell
Shoes: Nordstrom

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