Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pinspired: Addicted

When I go onto Pinterest I usually have an agenda. I go on to look up a recipe (food related), get an idea for a craft (DIY related) or find an outfit for a Pinspired post (fashion related). The Pinspired post started because I had so many inspired outfits  from Pinterest. I wanted to show women that Pinterest is a great place to find an outfit out of clothing you already have. I know some ladies go on Pinterest and look at dresses that are ridiculously expensive (I do that too), but I love it when I'm scrolling down and I see an outfit where I'm like "wow that is really cute and ohmiGod I have similar items where I can make that look!"
This was a look where I was super excited I had every peice. Its like putting a puzzle together perfectly. Pinterest is a girls best friend...after diamonds and yoga pants.

Top: Old Navy
Scarf: J. Crew
Pants: Gap
Boots: Nordstrom
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Sunnies: Ray Ban

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