Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Calling All Owls

As you may know, my family and I have a slight owl obsession. Since my mom took me on an owl walk I have been obsessed with owl calls and finding owls in the night. I have seen Screech Owls multiple times, on owl walks and in my own yard but the owl that has eluded me has been the Great Horned Owl...until last night that is.
So there I was sitting in my chair working on my blog when I hear "hoot hoot....HOOT HOOT!!" I couldn't believe my ears, I shot out of my chair and listened even closer to the hoot hoot. My dad was in the kitchen washing dishes so I was NOT polite in telling him to shut up so I could listen and make sure my ears were not deceiving me. He came in and listened with me. We both heard the hoot hoot and we shot outside putting our coats and shoes on while getting our personal owl calls ready. Once outside I played the Great Horned Owl call and we listened for the hoots telling us where this beautiful creature was hiding. We heard the to hoots and looked in the trees and finally we spotted it! He was huge! The size of a hawk! He was so pretty! The downside was as soon as we saw him he opened his fluffy wings and flew away. It was totally worth being cold for 10 minutes to find and then only seeing him for 10 seconds. I can't wait to try our owl calls again.

Top: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell
Scarf: Madewell
Shoes: Gap
Sunnies: Ray Ban New Wayfarer
Watch: Gift

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