Wednesday, January 8, 2014

10 Things I Love About Winter

1. Watching the Snow Fall
I think it is beautiful when the snow falls and you can see every little flake. It is my absolute favorite when you can see the designs of the flakes too
2. Building a Snowman
What brings back more childhood memories than rolling snow into a man with a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.

3. Skiing
I have tried both snowboarding and skiing and I much prefer skiing. We typically go once a year and with all this snow I am really looking forward to our outing this year.
4. Sledding
Much like skiing, we only go sledding once a year too. I love going at night with my close friends. Nothing brings back better winter memories than sledding at night building jumps and falling of your toboggan.

5. Being the First to Walk Through Fresh Snow
I love taking my dog for a walk during or right after a snow storm so that just out footprints are left behind us.
6.Boots with Tall Socks
I really like to wear high socks as a fashion statement but also a way to stay warm.

7. How the moonlight reflects off the snow making it bright outside
It is something so simple but I find it so beautiful. The winter nights where the sky is clear and the moon is shining I love how bright the night becomes.
8. Hot Cocoa on a cold night
Who doesn't like something warm to sip on a cold winter night.

I am not a huge soup gal but during winter I go to my favorite soup, French onion, for quick lunches and dinners.
10. Going to see Academy Award Nominated Movies
I am a huge movie buff and during winter my mom and I are at the movies every weekend trying to watch every Oscar nominated movie and make our guesses at who is going to win.

Top: J. Crew Factory
Sweater: Madewell
Jeans: Madewell
Necklace: Madewell
Boots: Hunter
Boot Socks: Hunter
Glasses: Ray Ban

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