Friday, December 13, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Glitter Christmas Trees

You will need:
A grey-ish base coat (OPI Skull and Glossbones)
Green Polish (OPI Jade is the New Black)
Sparkle Green Polish (OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air)
Gold Polish (OPI Glitzerland)
Base and Top Coat
Dotting Tool

1. Always put on a base coat to protect your natural nail.

2. Paint on your grey-ish polish.

3. Let it completely dry. It took my nails about an hour to dry all the way through.

4. Use your tape to make triangles in the shapes of trees on your nails. Push down on the edges so no polish seeps through.

5. Paint green in the lines of your tape.

6. With the tape still on, paint the green glitter polish on top of the green paint.

7. Remove the tape carefully so you don't pull off the base polish and the glitter polish.
(your result should look like the below picture)

8. Add a gold glitter dot on the tops of the triangle as the tree topper.

9. Let it dry for a second and then add a top coat so your new design lasts.

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