Thursday, December 12, 2013

10 Things I Love About Christmas

 Goodbye Pumpkin, I'll see you next year.
Hello Peppermint! I love you mixed in Hot Chocolate, Lattes and adult beverages. I am even more excited to bake you into some yummy cookies.
Christmas Trees
Every home decorates their tree differently and I love seeing all the pretty ornaments on tree.
Christmas Lights
Every year my dad and I spend pretty much he whole day getting our lights out. We put beautiful colored lights out in the front and in the back of house. I love the way the lights reflect off of the white snow. I also love driving around cities seeing how others decorate their homes with lights.

 Some love it others hate it but I love seeing my family this time of year. We always have lots of stories and lots of delicious food.
 Usually this time of year was only one of two times that I got to see all my friends so it was always special to come home at Christmas and see everyone. This year I have been home the whole year but it still is special to see some people who I haven't seen all year.
I know my way around a kitchen, pretty well that is. I love finding new and fun recipes to take to parties. I also love the tradition of baking cookies with my Aunt.

Warm Sweaters
 Who doesn't love to cuddle in a big warm sweater with their sweetheart? I love to wear my fair isle sweater and really get in the holiday spirit.
Sequins, Everywhere!
On the opposite end of getting all cozy in a sweater is going out. This time of the year is my favorite because you can wear as many sparkly items as you want and everyone just thinks "yup, it's the holidays."

Shopping Sales
 With my shopping habits any sale is a good sale but when it is 40%-50% off now that is sale I don't want to miss.
Holiday Movies with Happy Endings
I'm sucker for movies with happy Disney-like endings. This time of year I want to see happiness everywhere. I want to have faith in humanity again. I only think that it is a shame that only for a month a year brings out the good in people. Let's have the positive Christmas spirit live year round.

Sweater: Madewell
Tee: American Eagle (similar)
Jeans: Madewell
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Madewell
Belt: Target
Shoes: Gap

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