Friday, November 8, 2013

What Does the Fox Say?

Now that my parents are asking me what is "what does the fox say" you have to be living under a rock if you don't know what I'm taking about. The first time I saw the video was from my boyfriend and I laughed so hard but now it really is getting annoying. I do think the parodies of it are funny still but c'mon guys, lets move one to something else now.
Like I am, onto my fox sweater!
Last year Old Navy had a similar sweater, a fox that did not have glasses. Before I could buy it online it sold out, and it sold out like super duper fast! Then when it was back in stock it sold out even faster! It was nuts! So this season when I saw the fox sweater I didn't hesitate, I just bought it! I really do love the color of the sweater and the fox detail but Old Navy, did you really have to out pink glasses on it? Probably not but hey, you are making billions off of this sly guy. Now make more Critter Sweaters that I can wear everyday, thank you!

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: American Eagle (similar)
Shoes: American Eagle
Glasses: Ray Ban

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