Sunday, November 10, 2013

Save vs. Splurge?

Save: Old Navy // Same: American Eagle

So usually my Save vs Splurge are a little bigger difference but this was an odd one. The shirts are basically the exact same. I have the American Eagle one but I saw the Old Navy one in store and it is almost the same material, just a little thinner feeling and the colors are the same.
Also keep in mind that these prices are not final. I look at websites when certain deals are going on and I use the advertised price. If you get emails from the different companies you can get additional discounts or be the first to know when a sale is going on. I get emails from my top clothing store daily letting me know deals and when new arrivals come in. If you love to shop like me sign up for the email list or when you go to the store give the associate your email, and extra 20% off here and there on items you already wanted can really add up!

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