Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Item Debut: American Eagle Denim Vested Hoodie

Over the spring time, I saw a lot of jackets where the sleeves were different than the body of the jacket. This style seems to be making it's way into fall fashion as well. I first saw this awesome jean hooded jacket on Pinterest and, try as I may, I couldn't find a link to purchase the jacket anywhere. Then, on Piperlime, I found a jacket like this one from Free People but it was so expensive and I didn't know if it would actually fit me so I passed it over. Then while I was continuing the search I found it at American Eagle! I usually refuse to pay full price for an item but I just knew this jacket would sell out fast so I ordered it right there on the spot. Right before I checked out though I remembered  I was able to get it for 20% off and free shipping since the day before I received my AE Rewards code! *please insert happy dance* I sure am glad I ordered it because it is now sold out on the website. I have't checked stores yet for it but I sure it flew off the racks as well. 
Once it came in the mail I had to wear it right away! Just so happened my state of Michigan was having a little cold front go through and I was able to wear my new treasure to the movies.
Win. Win.

Jacket: American Eagle
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Converse (DSW)
Tee: PacSun (so so SO old)
Glasses: Ray Ban

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Those Summer Nights

So last weekend we had a "party" at the pool. We do this thing called Stay and Play and it's basically organized chaos. Every kid employee is invited to come play at the pool after hours and we managers of the pool, myself and 2 others, guard the event. It's super fun! We play water basketball, pass the volleyball around in the shallow end, do crazy stunts off the diving board and make whirlpools in small shallow areas of the pool. I wore my swim suit and watched a little but then I got in on the shenanigans as well. After the party though I met up with my friends at another party and I wore this outfit. I really wanted something comfy and light weight so leggings and this thin knit top was perfect. Since I was just coming from a pool, I needed a jacket to ward off the "chilly" air.

Top: American Eagle (clearance rack)
Tank: Target
Jacket: American Eagle (similar)
Leggings: Simply Vera for Kohl's
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Old Navy
Headband: Target

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Save vs. Splurge

Save: American Eagle / Splurge: Nordstrom (after sale the top goes to $244!!!)

With my favorite sale of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, in full swing, I thought I would bring you a save vs splurge of the sale kind.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Down By the Boardwalk in St. Clair

Every summer for one weekend, a bunch of my friends and I get together at a boathouse on the river. We play games, swim in the river and sometimes take trips downtown and check out the boardwalk. I always look forward to this trip! It is a fun and relaxing getaway. I don't look my best during the trip but I thought this outfit was worth sharing and check it out, that's Canada on the other side of the river!

Top: Target
Shorts: Target
Shoes: Old Navy
Bag: Gap

Friday, July 26, 2013

Pinspired: Chambray and Ikat

Sometimes my Pinspirations are not an exact copy but they are pretty dang close! I followed the link in the pin to a great blog called Classy Girls Wear Pearls so this pin is also kind of a Fellow Blogger Inspiration.
Also, check out the height of the sunflowers behind me! I can't wait for them to bloom!

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Aerie (old)
Belt: Target

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Item Debut: White Converse

I've been Pinning a lot lately and looking at a lot of other blogs checking out late summer and early fall fashion. While looking I saw a lot of styles using white Converse shoes instead of boots or flats. I have jumped on the trend wagon. The next big question is how long can I keep them this white?

Top: Target (similar)
Sweater: Target
Shorts: American Eagle
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Target
Sunnies: Ray Ban Catty Clubmaster

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Brighter Than The Sun

As you know if you are a regular reader here, I am in love with the neon trend! I thought I would go crazy and wear almost all of my neon items in one outfit. My mom looked at me and said"you glow in the dark." What can I say? I love how bright color can be!

Tank: Target
Sweater: American Eagle (similar)
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: American Eagle
Sunnies: Ray Ban Catty Clubmaster
Necklace: Target

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pinspired: The Suburban Cowgirl

While living in Wyoming I refused to wear cowboy boots and pretty much anything that looked "country chic." I felt like a poser if I did. I 'm not from rural Wyoming, I from a suburb of Detroit! I felt like people who weren't born and raised on a ranch ans did dress like cowboys just looked, well, fake and I didn't want to be apart of that. I saw this Pin and knew I had a skirt that looked just like the shorts. I didn't realized until I was writing this post that if I threw on a pair of cowboy boots I would look like some of the fake city cowboys I would see sitting around the bar in Laramie. I guess living in Wyoming for 5 years did rub off on me...but just a little.

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Target (old)
Shoes: Target (last season)
Belt: Target

Monday, July 22, 2013

Purple Light Dance Party

During swim lessons at the pool, we love to play red light, green light with the young kids. Green light is kicking on the wall, yellow light is blowing bubbles, red light is stop and to change up the routine of the water and to add a little more fun to the game we always have purple light where all the kiddos and teachers have a mini dance party in the pool. Watching the little kids dance is really funny and makes getting through a tough lesson easier.

Tee: Target
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Old Navy
Sunnies: Ray Ban Aviators
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: American Eagle
Necklace: Target